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From bursary applications, profiling candidates to recruitment specs, GetInterview is your tool to use.

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How it works?

Get Interview is an online application that hosts virtual interviews. No waiting around to be interviewed; no traveling required to and from the venue; no time wasted preparing for an interview you might not get.
This platform is suitable for bursary applications or job recruitment. We help candidates or school leavers find bursaries and jobs. And we help companies find the right people for their vacancies or bursaries.


Interviewers have two options to host their interviews; either privately or publicly.
As a public host your interviews will be visible to any candidate who is registered on our system.
As a private host, you may utilize our system to interview your own candidates as well as any candidate who is registered with Get Interview.
Candidates application responses are in video format. Create your interview here.


Candidates will have an online profile including a bio, a one page summary and a video introduction.

This will give you the opportunity to apply for bursaries or jobs through our virtual interview room. Register as a candidate here.

Our Pricing

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You only pay for the people you hire or the students you award bursaries to. Choose the right price for your pocket. Your lifestyle. Your needs.

Private host


Per Candidate

Charged by number of candidates

  • Free advertising on our online platforms if required
  • 6 Interview questions of 20sec each
  • Customized number of applicants
  • Only one application per candidate
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Public host


Per Interview

Once off payment. Save R80

  • Free advertising on our online platforms
  • 6 Interview questions of 20 sec each
  • 15 applicants allowed
  • Only one application per candidate
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We as the GetInterview we would like thank the Propella, Engeli and Nelson Mandela for making Get Interview possible.